Al Jefferson 35 Points Full Highlights (1/14/2014)

People complain that there isn’t enough post play in the NBA. People also complain that Al Jefferson is a ballhog in the post and isn’t very efficient. Well, duh! That’s what happens with post play, and why teams aren’t going to it as often as they used to.

I like watching this stuff on occasion, though I must be bad at telling what’s a travel and what isn’t, because it seems like all of Big Al’s fancy post moves involve shuffling or taking an extra step. I know, I know, refs in the NBA never call traveling. But still.

This highlight package is a good microcosm of Jefferson’s game: lots of shots, not a ton of free throws, no passing, no dunks. For such a big dude he sure doesn’t jam very often. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if I were 7 feet tall I’d quit my job, go down to the gym, and just dunk for hours on end.

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