Kendall Marshall 10 Points/16 Assists Full Highlights (1/14/2014)

I guess Mike D’Antoni’s system really is good for point guards. Steve Blake was looking like a point-god earlier in the season before he passed away, and now erstwhile D-League scrub Kendall Marshall is racking up double-digit assist games regularly. Imagine if Steve Nash was healthy. We’d be seeing 20-assist games on a regular basis. If only.

Although, if we’re being objective, Marshall at this point may not even be that much worse than Nash. Before you call me names, analyze the situation with a neutral eye. Nash is broken and will never be the same. He still has the mind for the game, but when you can barely run it doesn’t really matter. Marshall’s, while not having the shooting stroke that Nash has, is a pretty decent passer in his own right. Plus, he can run and jump and at least pretend to play defense.

Maybe I’m overreacting. After all, it’s easy to look good when you have Kyrie Irving guarding you. Man, that guy just doesn’t care at all on defense.

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