Luol Deng 27 Points Full Highlights (1/14/2014)

Luol Deng must be so relieved. After years of playing 40 minutes per game and having to be accountable on the defensive end, he gets to go to a team with lower minutes requirements where he gets to run and chuck without having to play defense at all. Not everyone is so lucky to be traded to such a good situation.

We’ll see if this infusion of All-Star (seriously what were they thinking when he made the All-Star game, I mean, damn) level talent pushes the Cavaliers into the playoff picture. They’re only a game or so off the 8th seed. Replacing Alonzo Gee and Earl Clark with someone who can play basketball is definitely a good thing. But if I were the Cavaliers I’d tank one more time. Two #1 picks in the span of three years isn’t enough. Everyone knows all the real contenders were built by having three #1 picks in rapid succession.

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