Greg Oden 6 Points/2 Dunks Heat Debut Full Highlights (1/15/2014)

Greg Oden looked warily down at the ground two stories below him. He and Brandon Roy stood on the roof of Oden’s fancy suburban house, with Oden himself holding a pogo stick.

“Yo, Brandon, you sure this is a good idea? Cause it doesn’t feel like a good idea to me.”

“Stop being a wimp, Greg. I’ve done this a million times, and my knees don’t have any degenerative after-effects. I swear, my menisci feel fine. Just jump off the roof on the pogo stick, and you’ll rebound so high, it’s gonna be sweet!”

Oden looked thoroughly unconvinced. He held the pogo stick at arms length, as though it were infected with a contagious disease. “This thing seems pretty flimsy. You sure it’s not just gonna break when I hit the ground?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s fine. It handled Pryz just fine. Well, kinda.”

“What do you mean, kinda?”

“Go go go go!”

Roy gave Greg a little nudge over the edge of the roof. Quickly, Greg gathered the pogo stick under him and prepared for impact.



And that, my friends, is the sorry tale of how Greg Oden destroyed his knees, and how Brandon Roy developed a degenerative knee condition. Do not believe the official NBA version of events. Greg’s in-game injury was staged to prevent the real truth from coming out. The pogo stick lobby does not wish for you to hear this. But DownToBuck is a warrior of truth.

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