Donatas Motiejunas 15 Points/3 Threes Full Highlights (1/16/2014)

Donatas “Donuts” Motiejunas is looking a little tubby lately. I know that the lack of playing time can be depressing, but he needs to lay off the snacks and get his heinie into the weight room for some conditioning. There’s only room for one fat seven-footer in the league, and that’s Miroslav Raduljica.

Also, I have some words for the TNT broadcast guys: when a scrub like Donuts dunks it, you have to show a replay. The people at home want to watch dunks. They don’t need to see a replay of the foul that leads James Harden to shoot his 35th and 36th free throws. They need to see white guys jamming it hard on the break like something out of NBA Jam. You’d better believe that if I meet a TNT employee on the street, there’s going to be a throwdown of some sort. Be warned.

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