Serge Ibaka 21 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (1/16/2014)

No, Serge Ibaka, you do NOT get to do Mutombo’s finger wag after you reject a shot. No one but Dikembe himself has that privilege. Not even Michael Jordan. Come up with your own thing. Or, better yet, just run back up the court like nothing happened. No one likes a showboat. I hate to know what would happen to me if I tried the wag during a game of pickup. I’d guess that there would be no more DownToBuck videos.

Despite his unnecessary antics, Ibaka had a very good game against the Rockets, and played a big part in holding them to only 19 second-half points. His midrange game is elite. It’s pretty much a free assist for Durant any time he wants it.

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