Kelly Olynyk Career High 25 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/17/2014)

“Olynyk looks like he’s playing in the Summer League”

Oh yes, the NBA Summer League. Where NBA-starved fans gaze hungrily upon the new crop of rookies for the first time. Where one slick move turns into a multitude of hype-filled social media posts. Where the hopes of the faithful are raised to new heights, and ridiculous comparisons are drawn.

Yes, Olynyk knows well the nature of the Summer League. He was its biggest star, a mop-headed kid from Gonzaga. The world took notice as he dismantled opponents with a surprisingly refined outside shot and intricate post moves. Was he the next Larry Bird? The next Dirk Nowitzki? A combination of both? NBA fans questioned the acumen of GM’s around the league. Why did this guy not go in the top 5?

We found out soon enough. The regular season rolled around, and like many a rookie, Olynyk didn’t live up to hype. Despite the aerodynamic qualities of his hair, he struggled to keep up. Minutes came and minutes went. The people who said he was the next Troy Murphy (me) began to get worried. Just another good college player who is simply too slow to play in the NBA.

But everything has changed with this latest performance. 25 points AND 7 assists? I’m back on the bandwagon. His floor is Dirk. Ceiling? How does GOAT sound to you?

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