Brandon Knight 26 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/18/2014)

Apparently Brandon Knight hadn’t ever had to run a pick-and-roll until he got to the NBA? That would explain why he’s so damn bad at it. For a team whose sole offensive strategy is “set tons of screens”, it would be useful to have a point guard who could hit bigs rolling to the basket.

In fact, Knight is not much of a point guard at all. He gets some assists, but only because the ball is always in his hands. He really prefers to shoot. If he played shooting guard we could reframe him as a guy who has decent passing ability for his position. But Larry Drew seems content with starting him at point with Ridnour(?) as the shooting guard. Lineups with two point guards don’t generally work when both of them suck.

Yeah, I said it. Don’t be fooled by his decent scoring numbers. This guy is just like Jennings before him; doesn’t make the team better and is always looking for his own shot. As they say, not hating, just stating.

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