Giannis Antetokounmpo 10 Points/3 Assists Full Highlights (1/18/2014)

Giannis “Greece Fire” Antetokounmpo is rapidly ascending to MHP (most hyped player) status. I love his potential as much as the next guy, but I don’t want to be disappointed. There’s nothing worse than a player you love not panning out. So, for now, I’ll be cautious in my appraisal of him.

Just kidding! Did you know that Giannis is still growing, and will soon be 7’2”? He already is a better offensive player than Durant. The problem is that nobody ever runs plays for this guy. I think he’s the first player who can truly play every position on the court. The Bucks don’t put him at the point because he would disrupt the tank, but everybody knows he would easily get eight assists a game.

Right now he’s taking it easy on the defensive end, because he knows that if he were to play to his full capacity, people would accuse him of roiding. Giannis is easily going to be the next Mutombo. In fact, he’s already the next Mutombo. And he’s only going to get better, because soon he’s going to be 7’4”. Did I say 7’2” earlier? That was a mistake. Seven-foot-four is the floor of his growth.

I’m envisioning Kevin Durant, Dikembe Mutombo, Gheorge Muresan, and Chris Paul rolled into one. Averages of 32 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, 6 blocks, 4 steals? Not so unlikely when you look at how good this guy already is. Anything is possible for Giannis.

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