John Henson 20 Points/15 Rebounds Full Highlights (1/18/2014)

Congratulations John Henson! You win the “Best Player on the Worst Team” award! Every awful team needs to have a player who isn’t total garbage, and you are that player! You follow in the hallowed footsteps of such luminaries as Kevin Love, Brook Lopez, and Derrick Brown!

Yes, times are sad for the Milwaukee Bucks. Henson is doing well, but his mere adequacy is not enough to lift his teammates out of the squalor in which they currently reside. If tasked with creating his own offense, he has but one move: lefty hook. An “unorthodox” hook shot as the Rockets colorman called it. He can’t shoot jumpers, which means when he and Sanders share the court the spacing dies and everything sucks.

But there is hope! Kyle Anderson will surely still be available when it’s the Buck’s turn to pick in the first round. It’ll be like Magic and Kareem but instead Anderson and Henson. Are you ready?

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