Nikola Pekovic 27 Points Full Highlights (1/18/2014)

Screw the Timberwolves. Apparently they’ve sapped Ricky Rubio of his love for the game of basketball. Next thing you know Nikola Pekovic is gonna come in to practice and say “I don’t really feel like adding any more skulls to my skull pile today”. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Luckily for us (or perhaps unluckily if you value your skull), Nikola took one look at the Jazz and promptly harvested their craniums. I don’t know if his defense had anything to do with their meager 23 point first half, but his offense was Pekovician all night. None of this fancy “perimeter” stuff. Leave that for pretty boys like Kevin Love. Nikola Pekovic is a real, hard-working, skull-acquiring Montenegrin behemoth.

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