Patrick Patterson 17 Points Full Highlights (1/19/2014)

“Hey Internet,

This is my first blog post ever. I don’t really know what I’m going to write, but I promise it will be interesting. Toronto weather is pretty crummy this time of year so there’s not much else to do other than compose lengthy dissertations on topics that interest me. LOL I promise it won’t be too long! 😉

Have you ever thought about your senses? I hadn’t, until yesterday. I was standing at the free-throw line in our game against the Lakers when Nick Young said, “Everything that you perceive as ‘reality’ is filtered by unconscious parts your brain before it is actually perceived. Thus, you can never know when your senses are telling you the truth, or, in fact, whether they have ever told you the truth.”

I’m pretty sure he was just running his mouth, because Nick doesn’t seem like the kind of guy with the thinking skills necessary to formulate such thoughts. Still, his words hit pretty close to home and I missed the second free throw because of them. Every waking moment since then has been consumed by this idea that my body is feeding me false information.

Is reality so horrific that my brain needs to subconsciously protect itself from its own powers of comprehension? I don’t, and can’t ever, know the answer to that question. I suppose it’s just as likely that my brain carries out no modification of my senses, and that my perception is genuine. That should be of some comfort, but strangely, it is not.

My definition of a ‘god’ would be a being who can understand the base nature of things for what it truly is. I idly wonder if I myself am taking small steps to godhood by journeying down this twisted road of enlightenment. Unlocking the door which bars me from the truth would be a great accomplishment, but it would also certainly lead to the banishment of my sanity.

Gazing into the mirror of my mind, there is no way to trust the reflection that greets me…

LOL I just read through what I wrote and it sounds really deep. I promise I’m not that deep in real life. This blogging stuff brings out the worst in you, I swear. 😀

Thanks for reading my blog everybody! Tupat out. Go Raptors!”

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