D.J. Augustin 27 Points Full Highlights (1/20/2014)

DJ Augustin was recently waived by the Toronto Raptors. And for good reason too, as he was totally sucking. He didn’t get much of a chance, but how many chances does one deserve when one screws them all up?

But now he gets to start for an injury-ravaged Bulls team who desperately needed a point guard. I’ve always felt like Augustin is the kind of player who can only be effective if given starter’s minutes. His bench role in Indiana didn’t really work out. But he was a decent starter for Charlotte back in the day. No reason he can’t replicate that kind of success in Chicago.

He got kind of lucky tonight against the Lakers, hitting two threes to tie the game in the 4th. They were both horrible shots without even trying to move the ball for a better one. If those don’t go in, he gets crucified for being a selfish chucker. But instead he gets the “clutch” label permanently affixed to his forehead with a stapler.

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