Jodie Meeks 22 Points Full Highlights (1/23/2014)

The Lakers’ season is down the tubes. There is no hope for them making the playoffs in the West. Lakers fans, most of whom bandwagoned onto the team around the time of the Shaq-Kobe dynasty, don’t know how to react. In their confusion, they get hyped over average role players and talk about how they are going to sign both Melo and Kevin Love in the off-season (ignoring the Lakers’ salary situation). They probably think Jodie Meeks is the SG of the future or something. I have seen Lakers fans attest to the fact that Wes Johnson is a good player. Truly sad.

Here’s a hint: the Lakers are not going to win another championship with Kobe. Soon, the Lakers bandwagon will be empty, and the Clippers will reign as the top team in LA. I will be so happy when this happens. It’s time for Lakers fans to stop thinking that the league revolves around them, and that all the problems will solve themselves.

Jodie is caught in the middle of the Lakers’ failed season. He’s having a career year in terms of shooting the ball, but I’m sure South Beach is looking pretty good to him right now.

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