Tobias Harris 28 Points/20 Rebounds Full Highlights (1/24/2014)

Tobias rode to the temple upon his steed of deepest black. “I demand entrance to this place,” he told the Warden of the Gate, a gryphon-like being wearing upon its head a wreath of flames.

“Entrance to the temple of the all-star is granted only to the few that are worthy. A wise man does not journey here unbidden,” responded the Warden.

“I possess a letter from the king. He has stated his argument for my inclusion.” Handing over a scrap of paper to the Warden, he waited anxiously as it was read.

“This is a forgery,” said the Warden, tossing the paper on the ground and stepping on it with a taloned foot. “Disrespect not my power and knowledge, fool, or you may find that this door is barred to you forever.”

Tobias drew himself up higher upon his horse. “You ignorant beast! I currently am holder of the stats requisite for my entry. You have no standing on which to deny me.” With flourish, Tobias drew his sword, the legendary Blade of Shadows.

The Warden did not flinch. “Sheath your weapon or you will find that my hand will sheath it for you,” he said coolly. Tobias reluctantly put away the blade. “Your credentials are hardly all-star worthy, and your team’s record is lower than the foulest gutter in the most impoverished city street. A center may be allowed access while scoring fourteen points per contest, but certainly not a scoring-minded forward such as yourself.”

As snow and wind whipped around the isolated hilltop, Tobias responded, “I was injured when the year began. Steadily and consistently I have improved my performance. The king has requested concession to be made on my behalf.”

The Warden scoffed. “The king has no power over this place as it falls not under the scepter of his domain. I ask that you return to your kingdom and not bother me further.” The flames upon his brow burned brighter and higher, as if posing a warning.

Tobias commanded his horse to turn around on the path. Then he looked back towards the Warden. “The next winter, I will return. And I will take my rightful seat in your hallowed halls. Prince Tobes has decreed it, and verily I tell you: his decree is law.”

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