Enes Kanter 24 Points Full Highlights (1/25/2014)

So, it appears that the much-vaunted Favors-Kanter tandem has been a failure. At least as part of the starting lineup. It turns out that, since neither one has a reliable outside shot, it cramped the spacing too much to be feasible. It’s not too late to trade one of them for Ryan Anderson.

Kanter seems to be doing a little better coming of the bench anyway. There are more opportunities for his post-ups when everyone else on the court can’t really score. Plus, he gets to abuse backup centers for a bit. Like Kevin Seraphin, who was put in the spin cycle not once but twice in one possession. No one ever said that Kanter didn’t have moves (actually they probably did, people say blatantly incorrect stuff all the time).

Enes appears to have taken some lessons from the now departed Al Jefferson, especially on the subject of “take forever on your post moves and whatever you don’t pass it”. I’m not complaining. I could watch Kanter do up-and-unders all day.

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