Kevin Martin 30 Points Full Highlights (1/25/2014)

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re at a park shooting jumpers, and you get a little bored. Obviously, jumpers can never get boring, but that’s why it’s called “pretend”. What do you to spice up your routine? Dribble drills? Sprints? Hook shots? Don’t be stupid, you’re less than six feet tall, when are you ever going to need to shoot a hook shot? No, don’t do any of those things.

Just try shooting it like Kevin Martin.

I swear, I have a blast every time I try it. Start with the ball at your knees, then sweep it up in front of your face and flick it. If you’re anything like me, you will miss badly every time. Take it out to three-point range and try not to get embarrassed as everybody at the park watches you running all over the place, recovering your airballs.

For even more fun, try the “Rashard Lewis” or the “Michael Redd” styles. I guarantee you cannot hit a shot with any of these shooting forms. It’s just not possible. Such awkward shooting must be developed from childhood. To introduce it later in life is folly in its purest form.

[Disclaimer: do not attempt any funny shooting styles while in the middle of a pickup game. Your street cred will be in tatters]

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