Nick Calathes Career High 11 Points Full Highlights (1/25/2014)

I’ve watched more than my share of Grizzlies games (#FreeJonLeuer). And I’m gonna be honest, Nick Calathes just doesn’t look like an NBA player. He has good passing instincts, but that’s about it. His shooting is woeful. He looks a step slow at all times. His hairline has totally forsaken him.

But that doesn’t mean you can boo him when comes in the game, Grizzlies fans. He hasn’t done anything wrong except for sucking. Tons of players do that, and they don’t get booed. You can boo him if he makes statements saying he hates Tennessee or is arrested for running a dog-fighting ring while punching pregnant women and snorting coke. And Grizzlies fans are supposed to be among the best.

Which is funny to me. Of course Grizzlies fans are good now; the team is winning. As soon as they start being bad again? Say goodbye to all those fans. This is how it is for all teams. No fanbase is better than any other. Except Lakers fans are the worst. Rot in hell, losers.

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