Arron Afflalo 25 Points Full Highlights (1/26/2014)

Tobias Harris stuck his head out the window of the team bus. “Arron, what are you standing outside in the rain for? The bus is gonna leave without you.”

Arron raised his head to stare at the grey clouds above, eyes closed to protect against the heavy rain shower. “Leave me, then. My soul is misery.”

“What’s got you so emo all of a sudden?”

Now staring at the ground, Arron said, “I’m not going to be an all-star this year. I can feel it.” Rain dripped off his nose and forehead. “Everybody would rather have that roid-monster D-Wade.”

“Yeah, well, there’s a few snubs every year, not much you can do about it man.”

Not indicating that he had heard Tobias’ words, Arron sat down on the ground. “I think I’ll just lie here and drown in the blackened torment of my life,” he murmured, lying down on his back. “Woe is me.”

Tobias shook his head in disapproval. “You can be woeful on the bus, dude. Get your butt up here.”

Arron spread his arms and legs wide, as if making a snow angel upon the concrete sidewalk. “A shroud of depression overtakes me, envelops me. It bears me upon wings of desolation, taking me to my final grieving demise. The rain cleanses skin, but it does not cleanse mind.”

“We’re leaving now. Hope you enjoy walking.”

Remaining with eyes closed as the bus pulled away, Arron did not respond. Instead, he continued, “A burial in the billowing clouds of sadness. Fully subsumed by grief, my soul departs me and is ripped apart by the screaming winds of time.”

“This is what the end feels like.”

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