Dennis Schroeder 10 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2014)

Another highlight maker’s quandary: how to spell foreign names? The NBA lists him as Schroder, which is totally wrong. Totally wrong. I refuse to use such a blatant misspelling. His jersey has the umlaut over the O, I think. That is correct. But this is America. We don’t use diacritical marks. Because of freedom.

My high school German teacher always said to replace umlauted letters with the letter plus an E. So Schroeder, then? But she also said that ß can’t be used to start words. So screw her. Her advice is invalid.

This is a very difficult and delicate situation, but after extensive research I think I have figured it out. This is the official spelling, proposed by YouTube personality and German-language expert DownToBuck: Dënniß ßchrööder.

ßchrööder had one of his best games as a Hawk, scoring 10 quick points in the second quarter and then not doing anything else. The most noteworthy thing about this game is he didn’t punch anyone’s groin and also hit 2 threes. With Jeff Teague out he should continue to get at least some minutes. I’m looking forward to his next good game so I can make fun of how big his forehead is.

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