Andrew Bogut 14 Points/17 Rebounds/3 Blocks Full Highlights (1/30/2014)

I like this version of Andrew Bogut. He knows full well that he is usually the fifth option on offense, so he only takes shots that he can make. Contrast this to Bucks-era, post-injury Bogut, who would always take stupid-looking hook shots.

The only thing holding Bogut back is his free throw shooting. I mean, the basket is only fifteen feet away. If it was supposed to be hard they would make you shoot them from the three-point line. There is no reason why even a scrubby big man can shoot 70% and Bogut shoots 35%. Whether the Australian Warriors homers like it or not, that kind of putrid shooting is going to keep Bogut out of the end of games, despite being the best defensive big on the team by far.

Trade proposal: Ekpe Udoh for Stephen Curry. W’s get a second defensive big so their defense doesn’t go to pot when Bogut is forced to sit, and Bucks get a future hall-of-famer. Win-win!

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