Alec Burks 26 Points Full Highlights (1/31/2014)

Huh. I know you’re not going to believe me, but the Jazz almost beat the Warriors last night. All it took was a 3-of-20 shooting performance from Klay Thompson to allow the Jazz to be competitive the whole way.

Alec Burks was the main reason for the Jazz’s relative success. This dude is just not afraid of contact at all. Andrew Bogut prowling the paint? Burks doesn’t care. If you assembled a team of Bogut, Larry Sanders, Serge Ibaka, Anthony Davis, and Roy Hibbert, he would drive on them constantly until they all fouled out. Eventually this style of play is going to result in some gruesome, career- and life-ending injury, but until that fateful day is upon us, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy Burks aggressively driving to the basket.

Could Burks become D-Wade with a jumpshot? It’s more likely than you think!

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