Diante Garrett 13 Points/2 Buzzer-Beaters Full Highlights (1/31/2014)

NBA fun fact of the day:

There is a player in the NBA named Diante Garrett. I bet you didn’t know that! I wouldn’t believe it myself, except I woke up from a night of drunken debauchery to find myself halfway through editing a video about said player.

Allegedly, Diante Garrett is the backup PG for the Jazz. I contacted Stern to inform him of this error, and to suggest a more suitable player for that role, only to find that his phone number connects me to some guy named “Adam Silver”. I don’t know who this guy is or why he thinks he gets to use Stern’s phone, and I didn’t like his answers; “GM’s make the personnel decisions” this and “no power to waive players” that. Stern was always willing to listen when you had roster suggestions. I wonder when he’s coming back?

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