Elton Brand 18 Points Full Highlights (1/31/2014)

Will people 20 years from now remember Elton Brand at all? People already have forgotten how good of a player he was with the Clippers. He’s Blake Griffin without all the flashy dunks (so nothing lol jk). Not exciting at all. Workmanlike. The kind of player who’s only legacy will be as a trivia answer for who won ROY in 1999.

Time has taken its toll on poor Elton. He’s nowhere near the dominant interior presence he used to be. He was on the Mavs last year but I can’t remember ever seeing him play. He barely gets minutes on the I-thought-they-were-tanking-but-are-actually-somewhat-good Hawks. Injuries to Horford and Antic have opened the window a little bit, which is good for fans of mid-oughts basketball!

By the way, don’t look at the turn-of-the-millennium All-Star rosters. Looking at it for when Brand first made it in 2001 is making me sad. Antoine Walker 🙁

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