Evan Fournier 18 Points Full Highlights (1/31/2014)

Okay. So maybe the “Evan Fournier Starting Point Guard” experiment isn’t going so well. Yeah, he’s young, so this is forgivable. But seven turnovers without a single assist to show for it! 20 shots taken for 18 points! Those are Brandon Jennings-esque stats right there.

But this carefully-propagandized highlight reel shows none of the bad, and all of the good. Viewing this video without the underlying context of the game in which it occurred would lead to misinformed opinions on the quality of Fournier’s play. So, before you watch this video, first watch the entirety of the contest. Give yourself a frame with which to place the picture of Fournier’s performance in.

To do anything but would be intellectually irresponsible.

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