Marvin Williams 23 Points Full Highlights (2/3/2014)

Cast your mind back to the ancient past. A time of humanity in ignorance, a time of unsophistication. We had not yet freed our true potential in many areas of endeavor.

The 2005 NBA draft.

This draft was notable for producing one of the best point guards of all time, Chris Paul. Surely a player of his caliber would be a consensus #1 pick. But, remember, at this early stage of human development, we had not refined the technology to accurately scout NBA prospects. In fact, the methods were so basic that he was not even considered a top pick. The debate was Andrew Bogut vs. Marvin Williams.

Neither of those dudes are bad players. But they are just okay. Not a franchise changer like you would desire with the top pick. Marvin has carved out a niche for himself, but he’s not noteworthy in any aspect of his game.

Imagine my sorrow when it turns out that scouting technology has not evolved past this basic, primordial point. The secrets to determining who will pan out in the NBA are as unreachable to us as breaking the speed of light or making a funny movie with Adam Sandler in it. Will this be our fate forever? To draft disappointments until time immemorial?

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