Wes Johnson 15 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (2/4/2014)

Who let Steve Nash out of the nursing home? He’s under strict orders not to play any more basketball. Under no circumstances is he to throw lobs to other basketball players. Somebody should guide Nash gently by the shoulder back to his bed. I’m sure he’s frightened and confused.

Speaking of daring acts of escape, who let Wes out of the specially-built “bust dungeon” that I have in my basement? I thought it was fool-proof; all one has to do to get out of the dungeon is hit ten jumpers in a row on a regulation hoop. I knew Wes would never do it, as his jumper is unreliable, so my guess is that Nash snuck in there and did it for him.

Drat. Foiled again! The good news is, the bust-trio of Anthony Bennett, Otto Porter, and Cody Zeller get to keep each other company in my dungeon while I neglect to feed them.

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