Dion Waiters 24 Points Full Highlights (2/7/2014)

If you want to understand why Dion Waiters isn’t a good player, this would be a good video to watch. He is just so confident in his jumper that he will take it no matter what the situation is, with no effort to get a better shot for himself or his teammates.

This game it worked. The next game, probably not. The solution for the Cavs is to make him somebody else’s problem. Here’s some trade scenarios I drafted up; keep in mind that I did check these for salary considerations as well as Dion’s fit on the target team, so you don’t need to double-check them or anything.

-Timberwolves get Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson, Cavs get Dante Cunningham and Ricky Rubio
-Lakers get Dion Waiters, Cavs get Chris Kaman and a bag of chips from the vending machine
-Jazz get Dion Waiters, Cavs get use of the Jazz organization’s time machine for one day, use time machine to go back in time and kidnap prime Karl Malone in his sleep
-Magic get Dion Waiters, Cavs don’t get anything because Waiters is worthless, literally without worth
-DownToBuck gets Dion Waiters, Cavs get a half-eaten hot pocket that somehow got burned even though I put it in for the usual amount of time, god damn it piece of crap microwave

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