Marvin Williams 23 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (2/8/2014)

You would think that a former second-overall pick would be more popular, but I have reached the conclusion that there exists not a single fan of Marvin Williams. At most, there are fans of the Jazz who appreciate Marvin as a decent role-player; but there is not one person in the world who likes Marvin more than any other player.

With his clutch performance in the Jazz’s win over the Heat last night, he might have gained some small amount of admiration from fans around the league. But this admiration will be short-lived, and soon, Marvin will withdraw back into the unconquerable darkness of his obscurity.

If this video ever reaches 1,000 views, I will delete this channel and stop watching the NBA entirely. 2,000 views, and I will delete every other channel on YouTube as well.

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