Chris Kaman 27 Points Full Highlights (2/9/2014)

Chris Kaman plays like how I would if I were a 7 foot tall hick from Michigan. Post moves! Lefty, righty, it doesn’t matter. He can do them both equally well. Midrange jumper? Doesn’t matter if he’s not set, he can fade any direction to get that shot up. Defense? Who needs it? Harder defense means fewer opportunities to get the ball back and score!

I’m really surprised he hasn’t added a three-point shot to his game. He’s got such a fluid-looking shot that it seems natural to extend the range. He hasn’t shown any ability to self-censor his own shot selection other than this fact.

He’s been benched, again, in favor of Robert Sacre, due to his unfathomably poor defense. But with the Lakers in desperate need of ambulant dudes, Kaman came off the bench and put on a scoring clinic. The announcers even occasionally acknowledged his on-court actions, when they weren’t busy talking about referees and rules. Seriously, whose idea was it to have a former ref on the mic? They should be tied to a chair and forced to watch Kaman defending pick-and-rolls for all time.

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