Marreese Speights Career High 32 Points Full Highlights (2/10/2014)

What is that thing on Marreese Speights’ head? Oh god. It doesn’t look good, whatever it is. I Googled “Marreese Speights thing on head” (thanks autocomplete), but it didn’t shed any light on the matter.

I hope it’s not cancer.

Anyway, despite his disgusting cranial deformity, Marreese Speights had a career night against the team that first enjoyed his talents, the 76ers. A very impressive performance for a guy averaging 5 points per contest. So impressive that apparently the Warriors fans in attendance saw it fit to chant “MVP” while he shot free throws.

Which is totally stupid. Obviously a guy averaging a mere 5 points isn’t gonna win that award. Not even close, really. At all. If anyone on the team deserves it it’s Stephen Curry. Had these fans never watched a game before and just assumed that Speights was some sort of transcendent basketball god? Come on.

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