Patrick Patterson 22 Points Full Highlights (2/10/2014)

Patrick Patterson has bounced around the league quite a bit since being drafted by the Rockets. Why was he traded for Thomas Robinson? He’s way better than that guy. I get that he wasn’t a good fit on the Kings and so he played like crap. He’s not a great fit on the Raptors either, but he seems to be doing okay. I blame the toxic Kings organization. Just like I do for everything. Damn Kings burning my Hot Pockets!

Patterson’s shooting makes him a valuable asset. His jumper is pure and now extends to three point line. He can rebound. He only just tonight got to start in the absence of Amir Johnson, and scored 22 points with the opportunity. If he keeps this up he’ll have to be traded again. Maybe to the Rockets? It’s like that circle of life in the Lion King. Except instead of life it’s getting traded all the time.

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