C.J. McCollum 15 Points/3 Assists Full Highlights (2/11/2014)

I’m writing this description from a coffee shop in Portland. I’m not in the city for a visit, though. I’ve moved here. The amount of hype I have for CJ McCollum dictated that I come here to worship at his altar. I sold all of my possessions, bought a warehouse-turned-loft in one of the hip districts, and I spend my time handing out flyers with CJ’s face on them. That’s how excited I am for this kid.

Since I’m not receiving a paycheck anymore (I quit my old job too), times are going to be hard for DTB in the coming months. I can’t even really afford to go to the games to see my idol in the flesh. But CJ will provide for me. He will take care of me and love me.

McCollum is love. McCollum is life.

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