Nick Calathes 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (2/11/2014)

Does accounting for the last three baskets of your team count as clutch? “Of course, DTB, only a special and clutch player would be able to take over the end of the game like that.”

What if I told you it was over the last quarter of the game?

Yeah, the Grizzlies offense is not exactly a well-oiled machine. It wasn’t great before Conley got injured and Calathes probably isn’t making the situation any better, despite his pure point guard skills. And I’m not saying he’s not clutch. He just didn’t really show it in this game.

And I guess the scouting report needs to be further updated for this guy. The Wizards seemed surprised that he was able to drive by them with such consistency, and were punished as he made several barely-contested layups. You can add this line to your own scouting report: “Has quick first step despite looking like a guy you would play at your local Y.”

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