Kendall Marshall 14 Points/17 Assists Full Highlights (2/13/2014)

I don’t know how he does it. The Lakers current lineup is 100 percent unfiltered sewer matter and Kendall Marshall still manages to wring 17 assists out of it. He must be one of the best passers of our generation.

Or maybe he told his teammates to just shoot it as soon as he passed to them. They were suspiciously trigger-happy when he was on the court. Especially Shawne Williams and Wes Johnson. Contested three? No problem bro, we got your back.

The Lakers were making all sorts of ridiculous crap through the first three quarters. They then reverted to their mean in the fourth, which was a tragedy of turnovers and bricks. Once the defensive intensity ramps up they just fall apart, as with most offensively-disabled teams. Also Durant. Kevin Durant being on the other team does not help matters.

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