Evan Fournier Career High 25 Points Full Highlights (2/18/2014)

There was debate as to whether Evan Fournier was really a point guard or not. But that debate has ended, or at least been put on hold. Not because any resolution has been reached, but because Evan Fournier has to play point whether he likes it or not.

The rest of the Nuggets guards have simply deserted him. Especially Andre Miller. Since when is it okay to just refuse to play for a team? I used to have respect for that guy.

Anyway, Evan Fournier took advantage of this opportunity, scoring 25 points against Ish Smith and the Suns. He might not be the passer that Miller is, but he can shoot the three with confidence and also takes it to the rack sometimes. I’m impressed by his development. Add this guy to the list of “Dudes who everyone knew would be good eventually but surpassed the timetables assigned to them”.

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