Mike Miller 19 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (2/18/2014)

The Grizzlies are making less than 5 threes a game this year. In this modern NBA, that’s an extraordinarily low number. Looking at their roster, it’s easy to see why they avoid this aspect of the game.

But this lack of outside shooting ability manifests itself as a stagnant and not-very-good offense based around the post prowess of Gasol and Randolph. I though the general wisdom is that you surround post players with shooters? Maybe I’m wrong.

Mike Miller is the only player on the team who can be counted on to hit an open three. That’s his game. He’s good at it. But he’s getting kind of old now, and he can’t do all the other stuff he used to, and he can’t play very many minutes. So while he offers the one thing that the Grizzlies need most, he doesn’t get enough time to really help them.

Also, where’s the outrage over his nickname? The South Dakota Sniper? You couldn’t call some the Jersey Jihadi and get away with it.

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