Tyler Zeller 18 Points/15 Rebounds Full Highlights (2/18/2014)

The title of this video is a lie.

Yes, a dude named Tyler Zeller scored 18 points. In an NBA game on February 18th. And this video contains highlights of that performance. But they are not full highlights.

Blame the Cavaliers’ TV crew, who don’t find it necessary to show free throws if they don’t feel like it. Which might sound cool in theory, but often I find that I get super confused about the score if they don’t show them. Did he make it? Did he miss it? I can’t be arsed to remember the score at every junction of the game. Just show me the damn things.

So there’s like 2 free throws missing from this video. Not like you would have noticed. Not one person noticed when I forgot to show a layup on a video that got several thousand views. If you can find the video where that occurred I’ll surrender control of this account to you.

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