Andre Drummond 20 Points/6 Dunks Full Highlights (2/21/2014)

Andre Drummond really needs to work on his free throw shooting. Really really. 0 for 8 is unacceptable. I don’t care how many dunks he can throw down. If he can’t make teams pay for fouling him then eventually he’s gonna get hacked every time. Don’t bring up Shaq as an example of a successful free-throw bricker. He could’ve been the GOAT had he just worked at that one area of his game.

It seems that Drummond’s biggest at the stripe is his inability to replicate the same motion every time. The ball ends up going everywhere. Underhand is the way to go. Suck up your pride and try it. Or keep doing what you’re doing and get benched for a fixable deficiency in your game.

His teammates could help by going crazy after he makes one in the same way they react when he posters somebody. Positive reinforcement! Or maybe that would just be patronizing.

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