Enes Kanter 25 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (2/21/2014)

I am getting a little annoyed here. NBA box scores are supposed to be accurate representations of what actually occurred in the game. However, inaccuracies are introduced when scorekeepers are too busy drinking fair-trade coffee or checking out that cutie hipster chick in the fourth row to reliably watch the game. Yeah, I’m calling you out Portland. Hemp clothing isn’t even that comfortable! You’re trying too hard to be Seattle, but you don’t even realize that everybody’s just laughing at you.

Diante Garrett was robbed of an assist, an assist that was attributed to Kanter instead. If we’re being honest here, Garrett needs that assist way more than Kanter. Nobody would care if Kanter went twenty games without an assist, but as the backup point guard, Garrett needs that assist to prove how much of a willing passer he is. Now people are going to think he sucks, even though he doesn’t. God damn.

Then, the times listed for Kanter’s made baskets were all screwed up. Either the NBA is in possession of some time-travel technology that we don’t know about, or it takes the scorekeeper forty seconds to realize that somebody scored a basket. Does Adam Silver realize how much harder he’s making my already difficult life?

These jokers need to step it up, or I’m switching to baseball highlights. How does BrewerIHardlyKnewHer sound?

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