Victor Oladipo 30 Points/14 Assists Full Highlights (2/21/2014)

Who would’ve thought that the most exciting game of the night would be a matchup between a disappointing Knicks team and a tanking Magic team? I bet you looked at that Suns-Spurs game and thought “Wow two high-powered west offenses, should be cool, I think that will be the game I watch tonight”. How stupid you look. It’s like Adam Silver is preparing a mushroom omelet on your face.

Anyway, yeah, that Knicks-Magic game was a pretty exciting one. One overtime is good. Two is better. Everyone loves when stars take over the game. Carmelo Anthony tried his hardest but could not overcome the horribleness of his teammates. Victor Oladipo looked like a point guard and sealed the game with some timely buckets. And Arron Afflalo’s life ended as the crowd cheered in a fashion reminiscent of the gladiatorial spectacles of ancient Rome.

I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way Oladipo looked like a point guard! But he did. Watch these highlights and see. It helps that the Knicks defense is pretty lackadaisy, but he had some nice passes and kept the turnovers under control. It’s probably too late for him to win ROY, but at least with performances like this he keeps his name in the hat.

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