Gorgui Dieng 8 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (2/22/2014)

Gorgui Dieng is one of those players who you see playing in college and you think “damn that guy looks pretty big and his defensive potential is probably so sick I want him on my team thank you”. And then you never hear about him again because he sucks and his only skill is being large (this is a common complaint against NBA bigs but the reality is most of them are really skilled, just being huge isn’t enough).

But the difference with Gorgui is that he somehow got to the NBA. It must be because of his polished offense moves: check out the sick up-and-under-ish thing he whipped out against Rudy Gobert.

Realistically, though, this guy is here because of his defensive potential. What’s the over-under on how many times he’s been proclaimed the next Mutombo? 50? 100? It’s bound to be a lot. Hell, I bet people have said he’s the next Olajuwon. Every young (or old, in Gorgui’s case) prospect from Africa is the next Olajuwon. Am I? Are you? Aren’t we all, in our own ways, the next Olajuwons?

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