Tobias Harris 28 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2014)

Oh, hey Tobias. Didn’t expect to run into you again. How are things with that new team of yours, now which one was that again…?

That’s right, the Magic. Must be nice down there in Orlando. Warm weather. Beautiful Babes. Must be getting a lot of action down there huh?

Thought so.

Don’t be ridiculous Tobias. I don’t miss you at all. I’ve moved on with my life. The object of my admiration has changed. There’s this new guy. Khris Middleton. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

Let’s just say that he’s able to satisfy me in ways you were simply unable to. Like three point shooting. What a joy. Such a quick release. A whole other dimension that I never experienced before.

Is that so? Well, as you know, Tobes, I don’t place much stock in raw scoring numbers. Maybe the reason I was so attracted to you in the first place. Anyway, I’ve really got to get going. Great seeing you.

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