Alexis Ajinca Career High 19 Points/12 Rebounds Full Highlights (2/24/2014)

There’s a totally unheralded position battle going on in New Orleans. Who gets to be the starting center? Greg Stiemsma or Alexis Ajinca? The Pelicans are trying out both dudes next to Anthony Davis, who they obviously can’t start at center. Then who would be the power forward?

Stiemsma fills the more traditional “big white dude with no skills” role. Ajinca fills the “skinny like Davis but doesn’t have a unibrow” role. They both fill the “crappy” role. So I guess it just depends on which market they want to corner; the latently racist midwesterners or the French fans who worship at the altar of any French player.

Ajinca came out ahead tonight, scoring a career high 19 points and grabbing a career high 12 rebounds off the bench. If Stiemsma did something like that there would be riots. I know there were riots in France in the past. Are they still going on? If not, Alexis Ajinca career-highing the crap out of everybody is reason enough. Grab your pitchforks!

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