Ersan Ilyasova 20 Points Full Highlights (2/24/2014)

So apparently Ersan Ilyasova wanted to be traded before the deadline. That didn’t happen, obviously, because here he is, still in Milwaukee. I get where he’s coming from though. He doesn’t want to waste his prime years on a team that’s rebuilding. Totally understandable.

But at the same team you don’t really get to request a trade when you’ve been playing like garbage the whole year. I don’t know if it’s because he’s not being utilized properly or if his ankle is still bothering him or if he just plain sucks, but his stats are down across the board. The Bucks simply aren’t going to trade someone whose value is at an all-time low.

They also won’t trade him because he’s their only big that has even a threat of a jumper. Without Ilyasova the already poor spacing would turn into a nightmare involving a clogged lane and John Henson jumpers.

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