Maurice Harkless 22 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2014)

The Orlando Magic have been disappointing. At least, I thought they would be better. I’m sure their fans are happy to get a top pick in this stacked draft and are not disappointed at all. But it must be a little concerning for them that none of their young talent has gotten appreciably better from last year.

That includes Maurice Harkless. He’s still a fine player, but he hasn’t performed anything that could construed as a sophomore leap. But he still has a nice all-around game that would fit on many teams around the league. It could just be that he’s one of those players who looks way better on a winning team. But the way the Magic are going, being a winning team is a long way off.

Unless Noah Vonleh or whoever they draft turns out to be a total stud. Then they can maybe have a just-over-.500 record.

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