Marcin Gortat Career High 31 Points/12 Rebounds/4 Blocks Full Highlights (2/27/2014)

There’s a trend in sports journalism of saying stuff “has an asterisk next to it”. Usually in the context of records or achievements. It means that the accomplishment is inferior or questionable in some way. Barry Bonds’ home run record? Asterisk that crap. Almost any recent baseball record for that matter? Just replace those pages in the Guinness book with endless lines of asterisks. The Heat’s championship in that lockout-shortened season? Shift-8. Wilt? I could score 50 a game against the equivalent of disabled middle-schoolers.

Marcin Gortat’s career night where he put up 31 points? I emailed the NBA and they agreed to put an asterisk next to his statline for this game, and at the bottom of the page it will say: “Gortat’s performance on February 27th 2014 was great and all, but it happened in a triple-OT game where he played 50 minutes and thus doesn’t truly count as a career high.”

I mean, 50 minutes. That’s more than a whole game’s worth of minutes. Come on. Are you saying that if a game went into octuple overtime and someone scored 100 that it would be legit? Is that what you’re saying? Seriously?

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