Kent Bazemore 21 Points Full Highlights (3/28/2014)

I have adapted Lil B’s “I Think I’m Based God” to have lyrics more appropriate to this video. Thank you Based God for laying down these dope rhymes. Beat not included. If you must, use the sound of sneakers squeaking on the hardwood to guide your flow.

I think I’m Bazed God
Oh-my-god swag everywhere, everything
Bitch I think I’m Bazed God everything foreign
Bitch sucked my dick, I’m Ralph Lauren
30 on my dick cause I’m still fuckin touring
Bazed never die I be there next morning
Damn Bazed God pinky ring that’s a robbery
Damn Bazed God all my bitches think I’m Bill Gates
I’m Macintoshing, ring dipped in frosting
Young Bazed God fucked the bitch in Boston
Young Bazed God is an American superstar
Young Bazed God god damn I need an Espy
Damn I’m Wayne Gretzky, Kristi Yamaguchi
Everything Gucci the bitch gave me coochie
Young Bazed God never fed my bitch Sushi
Bitch kiss my ring cause I’m Kristi Yamaguchi
Chain Jessica Simpson I look like Tim McGraw
Hunned on my dick bitch it’s Young Bazed God

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