Trevor Ariza Career High 40 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (3/1/2014)

God Dammit Ariza!

Stop toying with my emotions! I saw your first quarter stats. I saw the 6 threes. Call me a fool, but I thought this time might be different. I thought, perhaps wishfully, that you would tie or possible even break the record for most threes made in a game. You and I both know the satisfaction to be gained from wiping Donyell Marshall from the record books forever.

Screw you, Trevor.

I understand that teams won’t be leaving you open as you get closer to the record. But you have to keep chucking those threes. Don’t let a couple misses in a row dissuade you from the eternal glory that awaits. Keep that advice in mind for next time. If there is a next time.

The casual fan may look at your 40 points and swoon. But not I. I have seen too much with these weary eyes. And I’ve seen enough to know that you’re not worth the time. Maybe come back to me when you have some all-time records under your belt.

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