Trevor Booker 15 Points Full Highlights (3/3/2014)

Trevor “Booker T” Booker is certainly the basketball player whose name closest resembles that of a professional wrestler. Other than my habit of calling Ramon Sessions “Razor Ramon”, I can’t even think of any good examples. Probably for the better, since I grew out of watching wrestling when I was thirteen. My knowledge is all severely out of date.

In this video we get to watch the Gortat-Booker connection get repeatedly established. Forget John Wall, Gortat should be the main facilitator whenever Booker is on the court. The jumpers would never stop raining.

Can Gortat be the Goldust to Booker’s Booker T? I’ll have to watch some more Wizards games and get back to you on that. When I am thoroughly convinced, I will write a description with Gortat and Booker reenacting a famous skit between those two wrestlers, and it will be really funny.

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